6.Crossing of Philoctetes 7 Days Sailing.

6.Crossing of Philoctetes 7 Days Sailing.

6.Crossing of Philoctetes 7 Days Sailing.

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Crossing of Philoctetes 7 days Sailing.




Velika – Athos – Limnos – Alonnissos – Skopelos – Skiathos – Trikeri - Volos



Velika – Athos – Limnos – Alonnissos – Skopelos – Skiathos – Trikeri - Volos




No. Days/ nights



7 days / 6 nights






Minimum number


7 persons is the minimum for a attractive price

Max number


15 persons

Places to visit


10 sites

Guided or self-guided



Title of holiday


Crossing of Philoctetes

Explanatory sentence


A trip with mythological value. Our purpose is to follow the marks of this historical trip and to convey a message of peace to the brotherhood of these three cities (Limnos,Troia and Melivoia)

Strong points (what sets it apart from the rest)

3 ou 4

-Authentic and unexplored Greece

-Natural beauty

-Historical interested


Short presentation

6 lignes


Day by day programme (e.g. basic details of activities each day, places)

-        Titre (court)/Title (short)

-        descriptif 3 lignes (description 3 lines max)

-        Horaire dénivelé, distance (times, heights, distance)

-        Hébergement (accommodation)

Day 1 Start from Volos to Velika – Welcome party with food and music at Spitaki café. After that start of sailing with destination Xalkidiki.

Day 2 Early in the morning we will arrive at Skiwni or Porto Koyfo for breakfast and after we leaving for Riha Nera at Limnos for swimming. Overnight

Day 3 Free Day – Opportunity to visit the museum,the castle and the lake to watch the flamingos. Overnight at Myrinas port

Day 4 Sailing to Moudros the 2nd biggest port of Limnos. From there we will visit the cave of Philoctetes and the Caveirio field. After return to Moudros for swimming and relax and back to Myrina for Overnight.

Day 5 Early in the morning (about 4) we start sailing for Ai-Stratis. We will visit the museum and we’ll drink coffee at local café. After sailing to Kyra-Panagia for swimming and then to Allonisos to see the sunset and lunch. Overnight to Steni Valla.

Day 6 Early in the morning sailing to Skopelos island for swimming and after to Skiathos for walk to the hometown of Papadiamantis. Overnight

Day 7 In the morning we will go for swimming at the popular Banana beach and after sailing to Trikeri island for lobster pasta and visit the monastery. Overnight

Day 8 Sailing to Volos and end of the trip.







Guide language


English, French

Meeting point and finishing point at end of holiday)


Thessaloniki airport

Airports and access recommendations


Thessaloniki airport

Difficulty – easy, moderate, difficult walking level)


Easy for all activities

Activities -  activities other than walking)



Equipment (eg. Sleeping bag)




ORGANISATION – local transport (transfers)




-        Guidage/Guides

-        Intervenants ponctuels/othercontributors, people to meet

specialized guides for each activity

Abbess of the monastery



Sail boat



Breakfast, picnic in the activities , diner (local products are used)

What is included in price


Skipper, organization, insurance, departure party, breakfast

What is extra cost


Transfers at Limnos island, and the rest meals.

Equipment to bring


personal medications, walking shoes, backpack, battons, water bottle, waterproof jacket, fleeces, hat, bathing suit, camera

Weather conditions


Mostly sunshine from 20 to 35 degrees

Country Profile – general info of country, passports, country specific info


currency of Greece euro