10. Walking 7 Days in Pelion Paths.

10.  Walking 7 Days in Pelion Paths.
10.  Walking 7 Days in Pelion Paths.

10. Walking 7 Days in Pelion Paths.

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                 Experience and Walking 7 Days in Pelion Paths.


Day 1 Getting to know each other: A walk around the traditional village Lafkos to see the sights and the local museums.

Day 2 Exploring: After our breakfast we start our hike from Lafkos downhill to the fishing village Milina, then we visit the cave of Chiron, a mythological sight of the area, and we take a break for a swim (if we want) to the close by beach. If we are still up for more adventure, we can rent a sea kayak and visit the small island (Alatas) for exploration and swimming on its beautiful beaches. After that we hike back to our starting point "Lafkos" and go back to our hotel.

Day 3 Gastronomy: Starting again from Lafkos we are going to hike to the seaside village Platanias. On our way there we will get to visit the local dairy farm for a real traditional cheese tasting. When we reach to Platanias we can swim in the crystal clear water, or go to the nearby beach "Mikro" to get a taste of the Greek traditional seafood. Later we return to Lafkos and to our hotel. If the group is active we can hike back to Lafkos, or take a taxi back.

Day 4 Trail through 3 villages: We are going to walk the trail that starts from the village Vizitsa to Milies and ends to Kala Nera. Through these traditional villages we will see Pelion's neoclassical architecture, the old steam train Moutzouris (Smudgy train) that will take us back in time. We will also get our hands on making a traditional pie or sweet preservatives with a group of local women. After we finish our hike at the seaside village Kala Nera we will go back to our hotel by car.

Day 5 Wine tasting: Starting our hiking from Lafkos we will go to the nearby town Argalasti. We will visit the only organic winery in the area. There we are going to have a tour by the family who owns the wine yards and get to taste their wine. Before we get tipsy from all the wine tasting we will head back to Lafkos on foot while enjoying the panoramic views of the sea.

Day 6 Botany workshop: We are going to walk to the old church «Profitis Ilias» just outside Lafkos. There we are going to have our hands on workshop while enjoying the view of the sea. We will learn the importance of herbs and taste the snacks that we will make from them.

Day 7 Trip to the island Trikeri: We will go the island Trikeri about an hour away from our starting point. We will have a tour around the island, go swimming and enjoy good seafood at the local restaurants.

Last Day Goodbye: A goodbye gathering with some gifts from us!